Our video on how to use our Stamp.

Our video on how to use our Embosser.


Q. Do you sell to the general public?

A. We do not sell directly to the general public.  Our customers are the finest retailers in the world and they will bring you our award winning lines.

Q. Where can I find a retailer near me?

A. Please visit: to type in your zip code and
find a local retailer or visit one of our many online retailers

Q. How do I become a Retailer?

A. Call us at 877-267-4334 to get started or email Your order will ship in 5 business days or less. Please allow transit time once shipped.


Q. What is the production time for my order?

A.  Custom stamps and embossers take 2-3 business days. Production time will start the next business day after the order was placed. Inks, gift certicates, or any product non-personalized can be shipped 1 or 2 businsess days after the order is placed.


Q.  What is the shipping timeframe for my order?

A.    All orders are shipped from Texas within 2-3 business days after the order was placed. Currently certificate orders ship by USPS First Class Mail which can take 2 to 7 days for delivery. We can also ship by FedEx Ground or Home Delivery which takes 1 to 4 business days or FedEx 2Day air. For an additional cost, USPS Priority Mail, Next Day, or International shipping methods are available.


Q. How many impressions can I get from my stamp?

A. The number of stamp impressions depends on many variables, including the stamp design (some designs use more ink than others), the type of paper, and the duration of impression.  Generally one can expect between 700-1,000 impressions from an ink cartridge.


Q. Can I get a stamp in a specific color?

A. All stamps are shipped with black ink but you can purchase a specific color to be shipped in addition to the black ink. If you would like an additional ink color and are a retailer, then please order from our ordering portal. If you are a consumer, then please order from a preferred Retailer.


Q. How do I change ink cartridges?

A. Remove your Stamp Design and blot with a paper towel to remove any excess ink before changing ink colors. Compress the stamper about ¼ of an inch and press in the red side buttons to lock it in place. Gently push the ink cartridge out, you may need to push it with the eraser of a pencil top or a pen. To replace, insert the new ink cartridge in UPSIDE DOWN (wet side down) until it locks/snaps/clicks into place. Please Click to see our easy-to-follow video instructions


Q. My stamper was working fine until I put a new clip in and now the ink is splotchy. What do I do?

A. Great news!  Unlike other self-inking stampers, with one Three Designing Women stamper device you can find endless possibilities! We encourage you to change out the clips as often as you like but we recommend that you also change the cartridge with each clip. After repeated use, the cartridge naturally become indented with that design so when a new design is used it cannot become fully coated by the inkpad. Remember: For best use, new design, new ink.

Q. My gift certificate code is not working. What do I do?

A. Make sure that you are using the long 14 to 16 digit code inside the package and selecting the correct website which corresponds with your certificate code that are all listed on our website . This website is based on the first 2 to 4 characters of your code. If you still experience difficulty, call us at 877-267-4334 or email (after hours and on weekends) and we will assist you.


Q. I lost my certificate code, what do I do?

A.  Unfortunately we are not able to replace lost or stolen certificate codes. We advise you try to contact the retailer to see if they kept an inventory of their codes in stock and sold.


Q. Can I buy a Custom Stamp Design without the Stamper?

A. Of course! Our stampers feature a removable clip which makes changing stamp designs effortless. Now you easily take out the clip and replace it with a new design. Have one with your address, a monogram, one for the holidays, and one for every part of your life!


Q. I purchased or received my Custom Stamp Design only, how do I insert it into my stamper?

A. With the Three Designing Women logo facing you, compress the stamper until the current design or empty grey plate is perpendicular (standing straight up and down) in the device. Press in both red side buttons so the device is locked in this place. If there is a stamp design in the device you are trying to replace, hold the stamper sideways in your hand and you should be able to see the removable clip that has PUSH on in the center. You will pinch the two black tabs on either end of the word PUSH and pull the current design out. You can now take your new design and slide it onto the empty grey plate by pushing the end that has PUSH and two tabs. You should hear the new design click/snap/or lock into place on the grey plate. Once it is in you can return the stamper upright and compress it a little more like you are going to stamp on a test or scratch paper, this will let the stamper release itself for the locked position. You are now ready to start stamping! Remember: We do recommend replacing the inkpad if you are replacing the design. Please Click to see our easy-to-follow video instructions.


Q. Can I see a proof of my stamp before it gets produced?

A. We will be happy to send you a proof if you feel it is necessary. There is a $5 charge for this service. Please note that it will add 2-3 days to the stamp production time, subject to your response time.


Q. Can I change the CASE of the typeface on a stamp?

A: No. Each stamp style is pre-set for all CAPS, or upper and lower case for each specific area of type on the stamp. Text will match the formatting shown. Should you like to change this you can purchase a CS-Unique for an additional charge.


Q. What if I want to change the artwork shown on the Stamp Design or send in my own artwork?

A. If you have any special request that deviates from the stamp templates shown, you can submit your order as a CSUNIQUE and email the requested artwork you would like used. There is an additional art fee for this customization and the production time may take 2-3 additional days.


Q. What do I need to send if I want to use my own art for a stamp?

A. Vector images work best and produce the clearest impressions. We accept black and white artwork in the following formats: JPG, PDF, EPS or AI. JPGs and PDFs need to be 300 DPI or more. If it is an EPS or AI please make sure everything is converted to outlines. At this time we cannot accept custom artwork for embossers.

Q. How heavy of paper can my embosser be used with?

A. 80# text weight envelopes, paper napkins and even tissue paper. Our note cards will be too thick but our panel cards and foil seals work beautifully.

Q. Can I buy additional Embosser plates?

A. Yes, like our stampers our embossers are changeable as well! Over time embosser plates will need to be replaced if they have experienced extensive use.  This will ensure the impression is crisp and clear, every time!


Q. I have received my Custom Embosser Plate only, how do I insert it into the embosser device?

A. Hold the top (has a raised circle on it) and bottom (has 4 grooves under it) of the plate together so you can slide it in the device. You may need to hold the handle of the embosser device up while sliding in the plate. Make sure the bottom of the plate locks securely into place with the 2 slots on the device. You are now able to start embossing away! Please Click to see our easy-to-follow video instructions. 


Q. My Stamper says it has revolutionary Clean Hands Technology? What does this mean?

A. Our stampers feature a removable clip which makes changing stamp designs clean and easy. Now you can use as many stamp designs as you like with just one stamper! Simply squeeze the tabs on the underside of the removable clip to remove and slide a new one in.


Q. What are the advantages of using Three Designing Women’s Stampers?

• Exclusive Clean Hands Technology
• Effortless to switch stamp designs
• Easier to align with paper
• Better quality impressions every time
• No Assembly tool required


Q. There is an error on my Custom Design. What do I do?

A. Although we have an exceptionally low error rate, sometimes accidents happen. If you have made an error, you can place an order for the stamp POLY only or embosser PLATE only rather than purchasing the whole device. Please re-enter your order online. If we make an error, we are happy to place the order via email or phone and rush the order through production at no charge to you.


Q. What happens if I run out of characters when placing my order on the portal?

A. All designs are offered with a MAXIMUM amount of characters allowed to ensure that your stamp or embosser will be readable and attractive. If you run out of characters, please abbreviate as necessary to fit the information. All embosser character limits are set and cannot be changed. DO NOT ADD INFORMATION USING THE "SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS" box - The additional type will NOT appear in the stamp. For stamps, you will need to upgrade to a CSUNIQUE order for an additional art fee.


Q. When do I need to add asterisks?

A. You only need to ADD asterisks where you want to separate groups of information, such as 62335 WINSTON COURT * AUSTIN, TX 78101 Or, between names: Jenny * Hal * Erin * Sarah The asterisk allows us to know where to add the divider bullet on your stamp. You do NOT need to add asterisks on both sides of your information, such as with a name at the top of the stamp. We will automatically add bullets on both sides of this information.