Designer Stamp® Gift Set - Best Teacher Gift EVER!

Three Designing Women®

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Teacher Appreciation Week is a way to celebrate the hard work and contributions of our teachers across the country. Show your appreciation and say thank you with our Designer Stamp® Gift Set. Here’s why teachers love this gift!

They get to choose from thousands of award-winning designs, including personalized and non-custom stamps. The patented removable clip makes changing stamp designs clean and easy. Browse our stamp designs here. 


A Designer Stamp® Stamper is the ultimate classroom accessory. They’ll use it everyday for an assortment of reasons including:

  •   Stamping classroom books          
  •   Grading papers
  •   Labeling classroom tools
  •   From the desk of notes
  •   Paperwork to students, parents & faculty
  •   And much more!

They are able to use interchangeable clips for their stamper. As well as different colored inks that are easy to change and add a vibrant splash! Browse our ink selection here. 


Click here to find a retailer near you or online and buy a Designer Stamp® Gift Box for your teacher!

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